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Redhead Interracial

Robert Axel and James Jamesson on Cocksure Men.

Everyone’s favorite long-haired redhead hunk James Jamesson is back and this time he does his first ever interracial scene with black hottie Robert Axel on Cocksure Men!

This start of this video is more muscle worship than it is gay porn! The buff pair are barely able to keep their hands off each other and they take their time marvelling over each others tone and definition. Robert is impressed with James’ tight glutes while James is jealous of Robert’s massive biceps. Suddenly, while caressing each others bodies, James plants a kiss on Robert’s lips and its on!

The taller and more buff Robert seems gladly willing to play the bottom role to James here. James lays back in bed and receives a sloppy deep-throat blowjob, then Robert gives up his ass to the ginger hottie for some intense butt-slamming action:

Hopefully this is the first of many appearance for redhead James on Cocksure Men!

Download the complete 29-minute HD video of Robert & James’ interracial hardcore »

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Evan Woods

Evan Woods on Cocky Boys.

Cocky Boys is another gay porn site which seems to be dabbling with redhead models recently. Some, like freckled college boy Evan Woods, are total newcomers who have not yet been featured anywhere else.

Evan starts off playing his with cock through his boxer shorts until he’s nice and hard. He ditches the boxers and jerks off for a while before deciding to flip over onto his stomach so he can show off that tight little ass of his. When he’s done teasing the camera with his hot hole he flips back over onto his back so he can keep jacking off. He works that shaft of his until he finally shoots a nice creamy load all over himself!

Let’s hope Cocky Boys brings Evan back for some man-on-man action… I want to see an expert cocksucker with his face buried in that firecrotch, performing deep-throat oral on Evan!

Watch a short preview movie of Evan Woods jacking off »

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The Ginger Man

The Ginger Man on Blogspot.

Not a porn update today, instead here’s a recommendation for another blog celebrating redheaded men: The Ginger Man on Blogspot. As with yours truly, the owner of the blog, mrlewis, does not have red hair himself but he is crazy about gingers!

Unlike my blog, The Ginger Man is a G-rated blog which concentrates more on net pics of redheaded everyday guys. In fact, many of the blog’s readers are redheads and submit photos of themselves. Its amazing to see how many hot gingers there are out there… one only wishes more of them would consider a career in gay porn!

mrlewis says that his mission is to “displace the myth that ginger haired men are not attractive”. I think he’s succeeded brilliantly so far!

Check out The Ginger Man on Blogspot for more redhead photos and links.

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Lucas Fucks Redhead Matt

Lucas fucks Matt on Corbin Fisher.

Matt has to be one of my all-time favorite redheads in gay porn, and in this video from Corbin Fisher he is at his absolute prime!

Matt has a combination of features guaranteed to make us redhead lovers drool: an amazing smile, big blue yes, a tight body, and an ass that looks amazing with a huge cock sliding into it! I love his facial expressions when he’s getting fucked hard by the other CF studs, a combination of pain and pleasure.

Teamed up with Corbin Fisher legend Lucas, you’d expect spectacular results, and their video does not disappoint. The action is sweaty and intense with Matt playing a mostly submissive role. After making out with him, he takes Lucas’ big dick down his throat, and Lucas returns the favor by fingering Matt’s ass deeply. In the second half, the action gets hardcore, with Lucas plunging into the ginger stud’s hole doggie then missionary-style. The ending shows Matt’s raunchier side: after spilling his own load, he willingly drinks Lucas’ fresh cum right from the tap!

Besides this video, Matt has appeared in 10 other movies on Corbin Fisher, including an unforgettable 6-man anal sex orgy!

Check out Matt’s student profile and download the full video of Lucas fucking him »

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The Accidental Redhead

Reddish-blond Scott on Broke Straight Boys.

About four minutes into his video on Broke Straight Boys, Scott makes a shocking revelation. His ginger hair color is the result of a coloring session gone badly wrong! Well, not wrong for us, as Scott makes for a very sexy redhead!

The 19-year-old Midwestern boy’s first appearance on the site and, as you might guess, he is broke and looking to make money through porn. You may remember him from his recent appearance on College Boy Physicals where he encountered a perverted doctor.

At the end of a lengthy audition interview, Scott is offered $800 for a solo. He gladly accepts and strips out of his tighty-whities, releasing of his long dick and low-hanging balls. He then lays back in the sofa and beats off a mile a minute. One interesting thing you’ll notice watching Scott masturbate: his upper torso, neck, and face get totally flushed the closer he gets to his orgasm!


Since filming his first movie, Scott has returned for a duo with Tyler. In it, the two straight boys trade helping handjobs to make each other shoot cum!

If his finances don’t improve, I’m sure Scott will find himself back again on Broke Straight Boys, this time doing an anal sex scene!

Download reddish-blond Scott’s complete 720p HD video on Broke Straight Boys »

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James Jamesson

Redhead James Jamesson on Next Door Male.

Next Door Male‘s James Jamesson definitely has no shortage of red hair! This ginger hunk has long flowing locks, a hairy chest and ass crack, and of course a decent amount of red pubes around his fat cock!

In James’ classy photo shoot he shows off his muscular body while masturbating in a bubble bath. There is also an accompanying 20-minute video which was filmed outdoors and features the nude straight boy jacking off on a garden bench. His cumshot is very intense, we can hear him moaning loudly as the cum sprays all over his abs!

Besides the Next Door Male solos, James has also recently been featured (with less facial hair) on hardcore gay porn sites from the same company such as Next Door Buddies and Mason Wyler. The best way to see all of his movies is with the Next Door Pass which gives you access to those three sites plus five additional ones, all for one low price.

Watch a glorious streaming HD video trailer of James’ outdoor stroke off »

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Nailing Nate

Jeremy Hall fucks redhead jock Nate.

Redhead Nate is a is a total bottom boy who has recently been featured prominently on the college jock site Club Jeremy Hall.

The strikingly handsome 23-year-old Southerner hails from San Antonio, Texas. Nate stands 6’1″ and weighs 170 lbs with an athletic and muscular body.

His first video has him paired up with Jeremy Hall himself, and its a sweaty, raunchy hotel room fuck! The video starts off with deep-throating oral 69 action in which both Nate and Jeremy keeping their jockstraps on the whole time. Its a bit of a shame that it prevents us seeing Nate’s firecrotch, but its definitely a turn on for anyone with an underwear fetish!

After the blowjobs, Jeremy orders Nate to get on all fours on the bed so he can stick his tongue up his butt. Nate must he must have a very tasty ass because Jeremy seems like a pig in heaven licking it and spitting on it. All of the rimming turns him on so much he just has to slide his cock into that hole!

Nate begs him, “Please be gentle with me!”

“I wont,” replies Jeremy.

As you can see, Nate’s first video is shot in amateur style, despite the fact that there are two cameras filming. One of the cameramen seems more interested in the other guy filming than on the boys fucking, and sometimes his camera wanders away onto his partner! Its the kind of goof that adds to the “home video” feel which is a refreshing change from the typical college jock porn sites.

Nate has done two other hardcore videos, each one hotter than the first. He bottoms for Georgia boy Tyler and this week’s update has him being fucked by Trevor Knight.

Watch additional trailer movies starring Nate on Club Jeremy Hall »

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Testa Rossa

This post has been removed by the request of the model.

Visit First Auditions for his complete photoset and downloadable full-length movie »

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Fit Young Redheads

The redheads of Fit Young Men.

As a redhead lover, English Lads has always been a bit of a let down. Why is it that, in a place like the UK with the highest concentration of redheaded men in the world, are so few of their models gingers? Is it perhaps that owner Nick Baker only accepts models from England and not the other home countries such as Northern Ireland and Scotland?

Well Nick from EnglishLads has just launched a new site Fit Young Men and I’m thrilled to see he has included a couple of redheaded hotties to his starting roster.

They are Sean Harlow, a 24-year-old rugby player, and Tony Harries who is 22 and a track-and-field athlete. Before you get your hopes up, no we dont get to see these straight boys having sex with each other! FitYoungMen is a solo masturbation site only.

Nick writes about his new porn site:

We choose to work with very athletic young men where sport has been a large part of their background, many of them have never modelled before so a lot are exclusive to FYM. The photo sets are based around the model’s main sport; some in their kit and some out of it. My aim was to show off men at about their physical peak, linking their athletic body to the sport that shaped it. The typical shoot shows the model in their sports kit, in underwear and subtle nude shots. I wanted to focus on the models body with subtle eroticism, it is mostly shot in the studio and I use lighting to exaggerate body definition. Many of the models were happy to get a bit aroused; some couldn’t help themselves and were happy to get fully pumped!

Lets hope the redhead situation will improve with Fit Young Men, and that we will regularly see Irishmen and Scots on the new site as well. With the ginger models as hot as Sean and Tony already added, I’d say that Nick is off to a promising start!

Check out the full list of new amateur models on Fit Young Men »

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Seeing Red

Redheads Ben and Josh on New York Straight Men

Its pretty damn rare to find redheads having sex together in gay porn. That’s why, for ginger-lovers like me, coming across video like “Seeing Red” from New York Straight Men is the ultimate turn on!

The video stars Josh who goes by the nickname the Ginger Giant on the site. He’s a 34-year-old straight Brooklynite with a toned body, locks of strawberry blond hair, a full ginger beard, and a full bush of ginger pubes! What I find most striking about the straight stud are his piercing blue eyes.

Josh’s partner is Ben, one of the most experienced cocksuckers in the Big Apple! I find Ben hot in his own right, but he really is only on the site to service straight studs. We never see any of them returning the favor — in fact, Ben usually remains fully clothed in the videos he appears in. Maybe its for the best: it lets him focus all his attention on giving oral pleasure to those straight boys’ throbbing cocks.

Here’s a short sample of Ben in action servicing Josh:

As you can see, New York Straight Men is true amateur quality porn. There are no fancy sets, instead, everything is shot inside a typical NYC apartment. The sex action is raw and uninhibited, not heavily scripted like you’d find on other gay porn sites. If you’re a fan of amateur rimjob and blowjob porn, there’s probably nothing finer!

There are currently four videos starring Josh available, each with a different partner. Check out the New York Straight Men preview galleries for more free samples.

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